We want to keep all citizens informed of the major developments and proposals that are already partially permitted and/or in the planning stages on Jungle Island. As a resident, we urge you to be an informed citizen. Below are just a few of the serious concerns our committed community has regarding ESJ's proposed development on Jungle Island.


  • The developer (ESJ Capital Partners) anticipates the new park will draw over 1 Million visitors annually. This translates to over 2,000 guests every day.
  • As of 2014, the MacArthur Causeway was crossed by an estimated 90,000 cars a day, while the Venetian Causeway saw roughly 1,000. If the attendance projected by the developer proves accurate, the traffic on those two roadways could double, if not triple, at peak hours.


  • ESJ is required under Section 7.2 of the Lease to make a sincere effort to acknowledge, address and mitigate the noise and light concerns anticipated from the proposed development of the expanded amusement park.
  • The sound study provided by ESJ Capital Partners (dated March 19, 2018) is inadequate and misleading. The study does not consider the people factor; that is, the sound study only considers each amenity in use by limited persons. The capacity of the new facilities has not been considered. Further, the sound study must consider noise emanating from the various heights (ground level to 130 ft.) of the proposed amenities. This study did not even mention the hotel, lagoon or beach club, all guaranteed to contribute to elevated noise levels, day and night. 


  • The proposed uses violate current Planning & Zoning provisions set forth by the city. It is fundamental that the underlying zoning requested by ESJ Capital Partners be made transparent to the public and be approved by the Planning & Zoning committee. Miami voters are entitled to fully understand and review ESJ Capital Partners’ plans.
  • The existing Comprehensive Plan designation (“Public Parks and Recreation”) and zoning district (“Civic Space”) do not allow a hotel to be constructed. The zoning restricts building on more than 25% of the lot areas of the site – ESJ is already well exceeding this limit with its current structures approved before Miami 21.
  • The city approved ESJ Capital Partners' zipline permit plans even though they violate the provisions of the Lease, which limits structures over 55 feet in height. The planned zipline towers will be over 110 feet in height.
  • The proposed artificial lagoon will necessitate construction of a major new seawall, notoriously among the most difficult permits to obtain. Yet, not only has the city already approved the Jungle Island seawall, they've agreed to pay for it – with $500,000 of our tax money.


  • Water parks are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and in the age of Zika and Dengue Fever, that is the last thing anyone wants near a residential area.
  • We have serious concerns regarding the health and safety of the amusement park, especially in the event of a hurricane. There is concern about the integrity of all proposed amusement facilities (including the zipline towers) being able to withstand hurricane winds. Additionally, we’ve seen a rash of accident and deaths occurring at amusements. It’s imperative to address any liability issues and the extent of exposure to the city for any such accidents.


  • Traffic, noise and other factors are certain to suppress the value of nearby homes. 
  • Adding insult to injury, the city has agreed to lease the 18-acre, prime waterfront site to ESJ Capital Partners for just $250,000/year. This is in direct violation of the City Charter, which stipulates public land be tendered at fair market rates.


  • Sign the petition by clicking below and RSVP to the June 8th commission meeting to make your voice heard and stop the expansion of Jungle Island! You can also download and share a flyer to help spread the word.

  • Show Up and Speak Up!
    City Commission Planning and Zoning
    June 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM
    City Hall - 3500 Pan American Drive,
    Miami, FL 33133
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